As a neighbour, there is a great deal you can do!

  • Don’t hesitate to interrupt, but don’t put yourself in danger.
  • As a neighbour, you can help by writing down the date and time when you see or hear violence, so that you can testify in future if necessary.
  • Ask the woman and any children how they are when you meet them.
  • If you hear arguments or screaming in your neighbour’s apartment, you can call the disturbance hotline. Tell them what you’ve seen and heard.

  • In an emergency, call the police on 112!
  • Calling the police may feel uncomfortable, but it may mean that you are protecting someone from being subjected to violence.
  • If you suspect that a child is being maltreated, you should call social services. Tel. no. 018-727 00 00.
    In acute cases after 16.00 and on weekends and public holidays, call the emergency social services on 112.
  • You can also refer to an organisation or public authority where the woman being subjected to violence can obtain help. Under Contacts you will find advice about organisations and operations that provide support and protection for people who are being subjected to violence.