• The following are tips from the public that must be used with care; in a threatening situation, call the police on the emergency number 112.
  • Do you have any advice that could help others? Send it to: info@uppsalakvinnojour.se
  • “If you meet the woman on the stairs, give her the phone number of the women’s shelter”
    Anja, 33 years old
  • “I put up a note in the stairwell with the message – I have heard you and I am happy to help. Call me”
    Mia, 57 years old
  • “I went and knocked on their door and asked if I could borrow cooking butter as mine had run out”
    Fredrik, 32 years old
  • “I heated up a couple of buns and then took them over to my neighbours. This interrupted the argument, and once the situation had calmed down, the woman came home with me”
    Stina, 71 years old