• Barnahus
    At Barnahus, children who have been the victims of violence can meet the police, social services and health care officials at one and the same place.
  • Victim Support, Uppsala
    Victim Support helps people who have been the victims of crime or their relatives.
  • Hopp
    The HOPP National Organisation against Sexual Assault is a non-profit, politically and religiously unaffiliated organisation for people who have been subjected to sexual assault and their relatives.
  • Uppsala Women’s Shelter’s Legal helpline
    The Legal helpline is open on Thursdays on odd numbered weeks, from 18.00-21.00.
  • Women’s Bureau – Uppsala City Mission
    The Women’s Bureau is aimed at women who are living or have lived in an unsafe relationship. The Women’s Bureau offers activities under safe conditions with the aim of countering isolation and helping women to join a community.
  • Women’s Safety Line: 020-50 50 50
    The Women’s Safety Line is a national helpline for women who have been the victim of threats and physical, psychological and sexual violence. The Women’s Safety Line is open 24 hours a day.
  • MVU – Clinic against violence in close relationships in Uppsala
    MVU works to prevent and inhibit violence, aggression or frightening behaviour in close relationships.
  • MÄN
    MÄN is a non-profit, feminist organisation that works to change destructive norms relating to masculinity in order to reduce male violence.
  • Nexus resource centre
    Nexus is the municipality’s support operation for women and men who have been subjected to violence in close relationships.
  • The Police: 114 14, in emergencies: 112
  • Emergency social services: Tel.: 018-15 00 00 or 112
  • Trappan: 018-727 15 80
    Trappan provides support for children and young people who are experiencing difficulties in their family.
  • Tris – Girls’ rights in society
    Tris is a non-profit association that is working to combat honour violence and oppression.
  • Uppsala Municipality: 018-727 00 00
  • Uppsala Women’s Shelter: 018-10 10 49
    The Uppsala Women’s Shelter receives women and girls who have been subjected to psychological, physical, sexual and economic violence. They also provide sheltered accommodation.
  • Uppsala Social Services: 018-727 00 00
  • Uppsala Girls and Trans Service
    Uppsala Girls and Trans Service is a politically and religiously unaffiliated, non-profit association that is working to promote equality, siblinghood and sisterhood